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Women's Bathing Suits: A Brief Buying Guide

Choosing a bathing suit isn't as easy as some women might think. There are plenty of options out there, especially in women's bathing suits. In this article, we'll talk about the different types of women's bathing suits and offer some suggestions about how to pick the perfect one.

Women have worn bathing suits as far back as the ancient Greek classical period. Murals found at the city of Pompeii show women wearing bathing suits that look remarkably modern. Although bathing suits are often subject to the whims of fashion, some styles have stood the test of time. These timeless styles survived for a reason: they flatter the figure while being comfortable to wear.

The most classic version of women's bathing suits is a tank. It's a basic one-piece suit that can have a high or low neckline and a high or low back. In all its variations, the tank suit remains a basic fashion staple. Available in a variety of materials, the tank comes in both solid colors and prints. The prints can be splashy Hawaiian-type florals or demure and ladylike. Tanks are comfortable to wear and stay put when you're swimming or diving. This classic women's bathing suit gets its name from the fact that swimming pools used to be called "swimming tanks." Tank suits are also called leotards or one-piece bathing suits. A variation of the tank, the hi-neck, is very modest in front, as its name suggests. Although it doesn't literally rise as high as the neck, this suit may cover up to the collarbone or a couple of inches below it. Hi-neck suits help elongate the figure.

The jogger suit can be either a one- or two-piece and is great for concealing the derriere, thighs and hips. Among the choices for women's bathing suits, this swimsuit looks very much like a hot weather jogging outfit with its tank-style top and loose-fitting shorts bottom. Because the shorts are usually loose, they usually have a built-in brief for modesty. Jogger-style suits are particularly appropriate for plus-size women because the shorts are usually dark in color and don't emphasize figure flaws in the hip and bottom area.

The tankini is a very popular variant of the classic bikini and has become a modern classic. This is a two-piece suit with a top that's quite a bit longer than the bra-type top of traditional bikini bathing suits. It's one of the great bathing suits for women who want more coverage around their midsections. Tankinis can have shorts or a skirt, in which case they're called skirtinis. There's also a bandeau tankini that gives a strapless look.

The halterkini has a top that ties or fastens behind the neck. In the simplest terms, the halterkini gives coverage over the torso and stomach area while leaving the shoulders more or less bare, for a sexier look than a tankini. Halterkinis are great bathing suits for swimming, since the shoulders are unrestricted by straps.

The triangle bikini is more revealing. Triangle-shaped fabric pieces form this bikini's top. Ties secure this bikini's top behind the neck and around the torso. Very often the triangle pieces can be moved along the bottom tie (the one around the torso) to make the top more or less revealing.

The bralette bikini has straps over the shoulders like a bra. It's a great choice for women who need good support. A variation of the bralette is the bandeau bikini, which is a bralette that has removable straps that give a strapless look.

The swim dress is a one-piece suit like a tank, but has a flared skirt attached. The skirt gives good coverage to the lower body, while still allowing the wearer to look fashionable.

Design-your-own women's bathing suits are another excellent choice for women who want to minimize figure flaws. These types of bathing suits allow you to select the top and bottom independently for a totally custom look. Retailers that offer swim separates often stock styles that aren't available elsewhere. The skort is a great example. A combination of shorts with a flattering front panel that makes the shorts look like a skirt, the skort is great for concealing the tummy and upper hip areas.

Given the large and diverse selection of women's bathing suits, you're sure to find one that's stylish, figure flattering, comfortable and easy to wear. Just be sure that you choose one that shows off your figure to its best advantage.

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