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Fitting Bathing Suits

When shopping for bathing suits there are many things to consider. Properly fitting bathing suits, though, is probably the most important consideration. If you have the correct size and style for your body type it will be a lot more flattering to the figure. Unfortunately, many people have no idea how to properly fit bathing suits so they end up with bottoms that creep or tops that are too tight. Not only does it look less attractive but it can also be uncomfortable. If the wearer of the suit is uncomfortable they will not feel as confident and not have as good a time as they should be. So, make sure you have properly fitting bathing suits and you will greatly enjoy your fun in the sun experiences.

When looking for bathing suits make sure you are aware of your body type. Be honest with yourself and recognize your strengths and flaws. You want to get bathing suits that accentuate your strengths and minimize your flaws. When trying on bathing suits, make sure you move around in it. Raise your arms, sit down, stand up, turn and make swimming motions. If the bathing suit is comfortable, this is a good start. If you are having trouble moving comfortably in it though, it is likely too small. If you see bulges and gaps, the suit is likely too big. Either way, the suit will not be flattering to you. Try on different styles and sizes until you get one that is perfect.

Colors and patterns in bathing suits are also very important. You can create optical illusions with the right patterns of suits and make yourself look slimmer or highlight those areas where you want to appear larger. If your bust is not very big and you want it to appear larger, choose bathing suits that have solid stripes with darker colors at the bottom. The darker colors will make your bottom part seem slimmer and call attention to your top half. This will make it seem like you have a larger bust than you do. The same thing works in reverse with bathing suits. If you want to deemphasize your bust line and call attention to your bottom half, work the colors in reverse.

Use bathing suits that have geometric patterns pointing inward to give the optical illusion of having a narrower waist. This will give the illusion of having an hourglass figure even if you don't actually have one. Choosing bathing suits in this style is perfect for those who have a boxier figure or who have a thicker waist line. Using bathing suits with skirts, shorts or cover-ups will hide a plethora of flaws around the wait and hip areas. You will both look and feel comfortable while exuding a positive, attractive image.

Many women don't have the perfect body style for pre sized bathing suits. For these women, choosing bikini style bathing suits where you can mix and match tops and bottoms is idea. For example, if you have a well endowed bust that is very flattering but wider hips, a one piece bathing suit may make you look bigger than you are. A pre fitted bikini may not fit right. You will have to buy bathing suits in larger sizes to accommodate one area while it does not fit correctly on another. So, bathing suits where you can mix and match styles or sizes is the perfect solution. You can choose a halter top with a boy short bottom if you so desire.

Or, you can choose a traditional style bikini but with different sizes for the top and bottom. If you go with solid colors, you can mix and match several different styles for various uses. For example, if you are planning on swimming in the ocean you will want a bathing suit that is sturdy. Board shorts or boy shorts with a halter top will be ideal. You can swim and frolic and not have to worry about anything getting exposed. If you have a matching bikini bottom, you can remove the shorts and get a tan. The versatility in separate pieces will make shopping for bathing suits much more enjoyable and give you plenty of options. Make sure you pick a flattering suit that is comfortable in the right size for maximum enjoyment of your time in the water and sand.

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